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Holmstrup P blood pressure urgency generic perindopril 4mg with amex, Axel T: Classification and clinical manifestations of oral yeast infections pulse pressure limits order cheap perindopril on line. J Oral Pathol 10:398 heart attack under 30 perindopril 4mg low price, Marks R blood pressure of 600 purchase generic perindopril on-line, Simons M: Geographic tongue a manifestation of 1981 blood pressure medication can you stop order cheap perindopril online. Lindhe J: Textbook of Clinical Periodontology: Munksgaard, Maragou P, Ivanyi L: Serum zinc levels in patients with Copenhagen, 1983. Int J Oral Sklavounou A, Laskaris G: Frequency of desquamative gin Maxillofac Surg 17:106, 1988. Oral Surg Dupre A, Christol B, Lassere J: Geographic lip: A variant of 56:405,1983. J Oral Pathol Med 20:425, treatment with combined local triamcinolone injections and 1991. Diagnosis, prevention Fenerli A, Papanikolaou S, Papanikolaou M, Laskaris G: and treatment. Med J Malay vulgaris: Clinical, histologic and immuniostochemical sia 4:302, 1977. J Oral Surg papillomavirus type 13 and focal epithelial hyperplasia of the 38:841,1980. Odontostomatol Prog 32:68, Seifert G, Donath K, Gumberz C: Mucozelen der Speicheldrii 1978. Extravasation-Mucozelen (Schleimgranulome) and Re Laskaris G, Papanicolaou S, Angelopoulos A: Focal epithelial tentions-Mucozelen (Schleim-Retentionscysten). An update of the classification and diagnostic criteria of oral Oral Surg 58:667, 1984. Oral Ficarra G: Oral lesions of iatrogenic and undefined etiology Surg 71:714, 1991. J Oral Pathol Med 22:235, croanatomy of the lateral border of the tongue with special 1993. Oral Oncol, Eur J Cancer tion: A new side-effect of azidothymidine therapy in patients 2813:39,1992. Bacterial Infections Oda D, Me Dougal L, Fritsche T, Worthington P: Oral histo Abell E, Marks R, Wilson J: Secondary syphilis: A plasmosis as a presenting disease in acquired immunodefi clinicopathological review. Zachariades N, Papanikolaou S, Koundouris J: Scrofula: A Holst E, Lund P: Cervico-facial actinomycosis. Medicine Almeida O, Jorge J, Scully C, Bozzo L: Oral manifestations of (Baltimore) 56:457, 1977. Aronson K, Soltani K: Chronic mucocutaneous candidosis: A Malden N: An interesting case of adult facial gangrene (from review. A the hard palate: First clinical sign of undiagnosed pulmonary clinicopathologic study. Oral Surg 62:262, Budtz-Jorgensen E: the significance of Candida albicans in 1986. Oral Surg 47:323, Borradori L, Saada V, Rybojad M, et al: Oral intraepidermal 1979. Friedman-Birnbaum R, Bergman R, Aizen E: Sensitivity and Sun A, Wu Y-C, Liang L-C, Kwan H-W: Circulating immune specificity of pathergy test results in Israeli patients with complexes in recurrent oral ulcers. Oral Surg prognosis for dermatomyositis, with special refference to its 16:551,1963. Arch Dermatol sialographic findings of parotid glands and histopathologic 120:941,1984. J Oral Pathol Med Aboobaker J, Bhogal B, Wojnarowska F, et al: the localiza 19:81,1990. Furue M, Iwata M, Tamaki K, Ishibashi Y: Anatomical dis Albrecht M, Banoczy, Dinya E, Tamas G Jr: Oceurence of tribution and immunological characteristics of epidermolysis oral leukoplakia and lichen planus in diabetes mellitus. J Invest Dermatol 97:259, Imamura S, Yanase K, Taniguchi S, et al: Erythema mul 1991. Pediatr Dermatol 8:288, zation of basement membrane components in mucous mem 1991. Acta Kawasaki T, Kosaki F, Okawa S, et al: A new infantile acute Derm Venereol (Stockh) 64:70, 1984. J Am Kazmierowski J, Wuepper K: Erythema multiforme: Immune Acad Dermatol 23:1275,1990. Laskaris G, Sklavounou A: Warty dyskeratoma of the oral Prost C, Colonna De Leca A, Combemale P, et al: Diagnosis mucosa. Cicatricial pemphigoid in a 6-year-old child: Report of a case Laskaris G, Triantafyllou A, Economopoulou P: Gingival and review of the literature. Ophthalmolog between linear IgA disease and benign mucous membrane ica1183:122, 1981. Oral Surg Kostmann R: Infantile genetic agranulocytosis: A review with 76:453,1993. J Oral Pathol Logothetis J, Economidou J, Costantoulakis M, et al: Med 21:326, 1992. Oral Surg 23:573, cleidocranial dysplasia: A rare combination of genetic ab 1967. Oral Kerem B, et al: Identification of the cystic fibrosis gene: Surg 62:524, 1986. Nutritional Disorders Occurence and oral involvement in six adolescent and adult Afonsky D: Stomatitis in nutritional deficiences. Int J Oral Bovopoulou O, Sklavounou A, Laskaris G: Loss of intercellu Surg 3:256, 1974. Anatomy, pathophysiology and clinical miologic and histologic study of oral cancer and leukoplakia description. Diagnostic procedure and comprehen microscopic study of epithelial surface patterns. Silverman S Jr, Gorsky M, Lozada F: Oral Leukoplakia and malignant transformation: A follow-up study of 257 pa tients. Chierci G, Silverman S Jr, Forsythe B: A tumor registry study Surgery 23:670,1948. Acta Derm Venereol [Suppl] (Stockh) low-grade adenocarcinoma of minor salivary glands: A 85:77,1979. Proc Hirshberg A, Leibovich P, Buchner A: Metastases to the oral Finn Dent Soc 71:58, 1975. Oral of mucous membranes: A clinicopathologic study of 13 cases Surg 71:708, 1991. Oral Surg 58:413, Triantafyllou A, Laskaris G: Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the 1984. Am J nant fibrous histiocytoma, myxoid variant metastatic to the Patho132:83, 1956. Laskaris G, Papavasiliou S, Bovopoulou O, Nicolis G: Associ Am J Roentgenol Radium Ther Nucl Med 123:471, 1975. Laskaris G, Triantafyllou A, Bazopoulou E: Solitary plas macytoma of oral soft tissues: Report of a case and review of literature. Oral Surg topathologic features of a series of 464 oral squamous cell 41:441, 1976. Tirelli U, Carbone A, Monfardini S, et al: Malignant tumors in Oral Surg 45:246,1978. Papanicolaou S, Pierrakou E, Patsakas A: Intraoral blue Lesions with and without naevus sebaceous and basal cell nevus. Am J Surg Ide F, Umemura S: A microscopic focus of traumatic neuroma Pathol 15:233, 1991. Kakarantza-Angelopouuou E, Nicolatou O, Anagnostopoulou Rapidis A, Triantafyllou A: Myxoma of the oral soft tissue. S: Verruciform xanthoma of the palate: Case report with J Oral Maxillofac Surg 41:188,1983. Mat Med Seifert G, Miehlke A, Haubrich J, Chilla R: Diseases of the Greca 8:226, 1980. Odontostomatol Progr osteoma of the jaw: Report of case and review of the 24:195,1970. Georg Thieme, Triantafyllou A, Laskaris G: Papillary syringadenoma of the Stuttgart, 1959. Pathology-diagnosis-treatment-facial Triantafyllou A, Sklavounou A, Laskaris G: Benign fibrous surgery. Tumorlike Lesions oral salivary glands: A demographic and histologic study of 426 cases. Clinicopathologic study of 224 new cases relationship of its pathogenesis to its clinical characteristics. Am J Surg Pathol 5:37, sialometaplasia of palatal minor salivary glands: A report on 1981. Immunohistochemical and ultrastructural observa normal human submandibular and parotid salivary glands. Prosecutors and allied professionals are encouraged to continue developing this guide by contributing information on emerging best practices. This guide is not intended to replace practices and procedures already in operation, but to simply inform and recommend practices that are effective and consistent throughout the nation. For additional edits to this living document, contact Adrian VanNice, avannice@bouldercounty. The survey also estimated that more than 300,000 women, and nearly 93,000 men, are raped every year in the United States (Tjaden & Thoennes, 2000)The variety of emotions that sexual assault victims experience, including shame, humiliation and even guilt play a significant role in under reporting. Despite their best intentions, many jurisdictions have been slow to acknowledge the impact that criminal investigations and trial have on the lives of sexual assault survivors, and have failed to take essential steps to mitigate that impact. This paper is intended to advance a victim-centric approach which is easily adaptable to any jurisdiction. Tailored to address the unparalleled harm victims experience as a result of sexual violence, this approach makes adjustments to guard against re victimizing survivors who choose to brave the criminal justice process. Until rates of reporting these crimes increase, these offenders will be emboldened to continue destroying lives. From the officer who takes the initial report to the prosecutor who takes the case to trial, success depends on being able to adapt the “standard” investigation and prosecution response to a response that not only anticipates the challenges and vulnerabilities inherent in these types of crimes, but also pushes the criminal justice system to accommodate for those stressors. This paper incorporates best practices utilized by police agencies, prosecutors, health care providers, crisis counselors, and legislators that can be used to bring about needed change in this arena. Definitions Sexual assault is generally defined as any act of sexual contact without consent or without legal consent due to age, or lack of mental or physical incapacity. However, specific legal definitions for sexual assault vary by state, territory and federal statute, as well as by campus, tribal and military codes. The person must act freely and voluntarily and know the nature of the act involved. Schools teach students that consent is an uninfluenced “Yes”— where both people feel free to say yes or no or to withdraw consent at any time. Costs of Sexual Assault 5 Sexual assault is a crime with emotional, physical, and economic consequences for victims and communities.

The effects of noncontingent ac cess to pulse pressure meaning 8mg perindopril amex single-versus multiple-stimulus sets on self-injurious behavior blood pressure normal karne ka tarika generic perindopril 2mg otc. Evaluation of an enhanced stimulus-stimulus pairing procedure to blood pressure q10 purchase cheap perindopril on line increase early vocalizations of children with autism pulse pressure lower than 20 buy genuine perindopril online. An evaluation of response cost in the treatment of inappropriate vocalizations maintained by automatic reinforcement hypertension over 65 discount perindopril 4 mg free shipping. Assessment and treatment of problem behavior occasioned by interruption of free-operant behavior. Schedule effects of noncontingent reinforcement on attention-maintained destructive behavior in identical quadruplets. Concurrent reinforcement schedules: Behav ior change and maintenance without extinction. Teaching teenagers with autism to answer cell phones and seek assistance when lost. Analysis and intervention with two topographies of challeng ing behavior exhibited by a young woman with autism. Teaching receptive naming of Chinese characters to children with autism by incorporating echolalia. Using video conferencing to conduct functional analysis of challenging behavior and develop classroom behav ioral support plans for students with autism. The effects of constant versus varied reinforcers on prefer ence and resistance to change. Instead, they are more likely maintained by sensory reinforcement and are often resistant to intervention attempts. Further evaluation of response interruption and redirection as treatment for stereotypy. Enhancing the effectiveness of a play intervention by abolishing the reinforcing value of stereotypy: A pilot study. When learners are able to use the scripts successfully in actual situations, the script should be systematically faded. Using script fading to promote natural environment stimulus control of verbal interactions among youths with autism. The impact of social scripts and visual cues on verbal communication in three children with autism spectrum disorders. Using scripts and script-fading proce dures to promote bids for joint attention by young children with autism. Picture me playing: increasing pretend play dialogue of children with autism spectrum disorders. Although learners may initially require adult support to accurately record behaviors and provide self-reinforcement, this support is faded over time. Self-management is often used in conjunction with other evidence-based practices includ ing modeling, video modeling, and visual supports. Extended reductions in stereotypic behavior of students with autism through a selfgmanagement treatment package. Brief report: Reduction of inappro priate vocalizations for a child with autism using a self-management treatment program. Social narratives are in dividualized according to learner needs and typically are quite short, perhaps including pictures or other visual aids. Usually written in frst person from the perspective of the learner, social narratives include sentences that detail the situation, provide suggestions for appropriate learner responses, and describe the thoughts and feelings of other people involved in the situation. The power card strategy: Strength-based intervention to increase direc tion following of children with autism spectrum disorder. Evaluation of a Social Stories™ intervention implemented by pre-service teachers for students with autism in general education settings. The use of social stories to reduce precursors to tantrum be havior in a student with autism. The use of social stories as a preventative behavioral intervention in a home setting with a child with autism. Enhancing the conversation skills of a boy with Asperger’s disorder through Social Stories™ and video modeling. Using social stories and visual schedules to improve socially ap propriate behaviors in children with autism. Most social skills meetings include instruction on basic concepts, role-playing or practice, and feedback to help learners acquire and practice communication, play, or social skills to promote positive interactions with peers. The use of multiple peer exemplars to enhance the generalization of play skills to the siblings of children with autism. The effects of theory-of-mind and social skill training on the social competence of a sixth-grade student with autism. Social skills training to increase social interactions between children with autism and their typical peers. Promoting social skill development in children with pervasive developmental disorders: A feasibility and effcacy study. A comparison of two group-delivered social skills pro grams for young children with autism. Parent-assisted social skills training to improve friendships in teens with autism spectrum disorders. Increasing social skills and pro-social behavior for three children diagnosed with autism through the use of a teaching package. Madison: University of Wisconsin, Waisman Center, the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Integrated play groups: A model for promoting the social and cogni tive dimensions of play in children with autism. The learner can be taught to perform individual steps of the chain until the entire skill is mastered (also called “chaining”). Training teachers to follow a task analysis to engage middle school students with moderate and severe developmental disabilities in grade-appropriate literature. Effects of task analysis and self-monitoring for children with autism in multiple social settings. Madison: University of Wisconsin, Waisman Center, the National Profes sional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Teaching requesting and rejecting sequences to four children with developmental disabilities using augmentative and alternative communication. Use of self-modeling static-picture prompts via a handheld computer to facilitate self-monitoring in the general education classroom. Becoming a face expert: A computerized face-training program for high-functioning individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Enhancing emotion recognition in children with autism spectrum conditions: An intervention using animated vehicles with real emotional faces. Effects of computer-assisted instruction on correct responding and procedural integrity during early intensive behavioral intervention. The effects of presenting high-preference items, paired with choice, via computer-based video programming on task completion of students with autism. Using a personal digital assistant to increase independent task completion by students with autism spectrum disorder. Engagement with electronic screen media among students with autism spectrum disorders. Brief report: Vocabulary acquisition for children with autism: Teacher or computer instruction. Using a personal digital assistant to improve the record ing of homework assignments by an adolescent with Asperger syndrome. Effects of multimedia social stories on knowledge of adult outcomes and op portunities among transition-aged youth with signifcant cognitive disabilities. Evaluation of a new computer intervention to teach people with autism or Asperger syndrome to recognize and predict emotions in others. Evidence-Based Practices for Children, Youth, and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Stromer, R. Effcacy of TeachTown: Basics computer-assisted intervention for the intensive comprehensive autism program in Los Angeles unifed school district. With this procedure, a brief delay is provided between the initial instruction and any additional instructions or prompts. Addition of functional content during core content instruction with students with moderate disabilities. Teaching spontaneous requests to children with autism using a time delay procedure with multi-component toys. Using a naturalistic time delay procedure to teach nonverbal adolescents with moderate-to-severe mental disabilities to initiate manual signs. Teaching children with autism to seek informationgacquisition of novel information and generalization of responding. Embedding instruc tion in art activities to teach preschoolers with disabilities to imitate their peers. Basic video modeling is the most common and involves recording someone besides the learner engaging in the target behavior or skill. Point-of-view video modeling is when the target behavior or skill is recorded from the perspective of what the learner will see when he or she performs the response. Video modeling strategies have been used in isolation and also in conjunction with other intervention components such as prompting and reinforcement strategies. Facilitating social initiations of preschool ers with autism spectrum disorders using video self-modeling. Training responding behaviors in students with autism using videotaped self-modeling. Teaching socially expressive behav iors to children with autism through video modeling. A comparison of video modeling with in vivo modeling for teaching children with autism. A videotaped self-modelling and self-monitoring treatment program to de crease off-task behaviour in children with autism. Effects of video modeling and video feedback on peer-directed social language skills of a child with autism. A comparison of peer video modeling and self video modeling to teach textual responses in children with autism. Teaching students with autism to tie a shoelace knot using video prompting and back ward chaining. Establishing a generalized repertoire of helping behavior in children with autism. Enhancing conversation skills in children with autism via video technology: Which is better, “self” or “other” as a model Visual supports can provide assistance across activity and setting, and can take on a number of forms and functions.

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Shapiro B Harris D Richter K 2000 Predictive value of 72-hour blastomere cell number on blastocyst development and success of subsequent transfer based on the degree of blastocyst development hypertension jnc8 cheap perindopril 2mg on-line. Tesarik J Greco E 1999 the probability of abnormal preimplantation development can be predicted by a single static observation on pronuclear stage morphology hypertension 8 weeks pregnant buy perindopril online. Van Royen E Mangelschots K De Neubourg D Valkenburg M Van De Meerssche M Ryckaert G Eestermans W Gerris J 1999 Characterization of a top quality embryo blood pressure medication infertility buy discount perindopril 4 mg on line, a step towards single-embryo transfer hypertension zone tool generic perindopril 4mg with visa. Wittemer C Bettahar-Lebugle K Ohl J Rongieres C Nisand I Gerlinger P 2000 Zygote evaluation: an effcient tool for embryo selection arrhythmia ecg buy perindopril 2mg without a prescription. As new research and clinical experi ence broaden our knowledge, changes in treatment and drug therapy are required. The authors and the publisher of this work have checked with sources believed to be reliable in their eforts to provide information that is complete and generally in accord with the standards accepted at the time of publication. Readers are encouraged to confrm the informa tion contained herein with other sources. For example and in particular, readers are advised to check the product information sheet included in the package of each drug they plan to administer to be certain that the infor mation contained in this work is accurate and that changes have not been made in the recommended dose or in the contraindications for adminis tration. This recommendation is of particular importance in connection with new or infrequently used drugs. Except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher, with the exception that the program listings may be entered, stored, and executed in a computer system, but they may not be reproduced for publication. Rather than put a trademark symbol after every occurrence of a trademarked name, we use names in an editorial fashion only, and to the beneft of the trademark owner, with no intention of infringement of the trademark. McGraw-Hill Education eBooks are available at special quantity discounts to use as premiums and sales promotions or for use in corporate training programs. Except as permitted under the Copyright Act of 1976 and the right to store and retrieve one copy of the work, you may not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, reproduce, modify, create derivative works based upon, transmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish or sublicense the work or any part of it without McGraw-Hill Education’s prior consent. McGraw-Hill Education and its licensors do not warrant or guarantee that the functions contained in the work will meet your requirements or that its operation will be uninterrupted or error free. Neither McGraw-Hill Education nor its licensors shall be liable to you or anyone else for any inaccuracy, error or omission, regardless of cause, in the work or for any damages resulting therefrom. McGraw-Hill Education has no responsibility for the content of any information accessed through the work. Under no circumstances shall McGraw-Hill Education and/or its licensors be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, consequential or similar damages that result from the use of or inability to use the work, even if any of them has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Bogle Chapters 13, 15 Director The Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Houston Christopher T. Anderson Cancer Center Vallejo, California Houston, Texas University of California Chapter 30 San Francisco, California Case Western Reserve University Marigdalia K. Anderson Cancer Center Chapter 25 Houston, Texas Chapter 8 this page intentionally left blank prefaCe McGraw-Hill Education Specialty Board Review Dermatology: yet concise, coverage of the diagnosis and management of common A Pictorial Review is now in its third edition. Principles of diagnosis, diferential diagnosis, and many new images as well as a new chapter on confocal microscopy. The goal of this edition is similar to that of the previous two editions Tere are chapters dedicated to cosmetic and surgical procedures of the book. As a result, the book will be useful to more related questions on board exams to prepare residents in derma procedure-focused physicians as well. The questions and answers at tology, primary care, and other clinical specialties, it will also help the end of each chapter were also updated with new questions in practicing dermatologists and other clinicians with their recertifca order to make the learning process more interactive. The hair follicle cycle consists of stages of rest (telogen), hair growth (anagen), follicle regression (catagen), and hair shedding (exogen). The entire lower epithelial structure is formed during anagen and regresses during catagen. The transient portion of the follicle consists of matrix cells in the bulb that generate 7 different cell lineages, 3 in the hair shaft, and 4 in the inner root sheath. In youth, catalase breaks • Hair shedding, often with an acute onset down hydrogen peroxide so that the pigmentation of • Reactive process, response to a physical event (surgery, hair is retained. With aging, the protective function of pregnancy, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, high fever), catalase is lost, and hydrogen peroxide builds up and medications (Table 1-1), or severe mental or emotional turns hair gray or white. Morphology of human hair follicle during telogen (A), late A B C D anagen (B), and early and late catagen (C, D). Anagen effluvium (aka anagen arrest) • Positive pull test: more than 6 telogen hairs • Hair broken off and not shed • Telogen hairs on hair mount (Fig. Regrowing hairs tions) and break off at skin surface with tapered or pointed hairs can be seen in the recov • Other causes: mercury intoxication, boric acid intoxi ery phase cation, thallium poisoning, colchicine, severe protein 2. Loose anagen syndrome deficiency • Fair-haired children with thin, sparse, hair; no need for • Histology: normal follicles haircuts; easily dislodgable hair • Examination reveals sparse growth of thin, fine hair Patchy and diffuse or patchy alopecia 1. In the family: atopic disorders, thyroid disease, vitiligo, diabetes mellitus, pernicious anemia, systemic lupus erythematosus (other autoimmune • Exclamation point hairs which are broken hairs that conditions) are tapered at the scalp (Fig. Trichotillomania • Impulse-control disorder • Repeated plucking or pulling of hairs • Confluence of short, sparse hairs within an otherwise normal area of the scalp • Varying lengths of regrowth, “friar tuck” distribution of hair loss (Fig. In women there may be some additional nonan drogen signals that lead to thinning, especially during menopausal years • Anagen is shorter; number of follicles remains the same. Age-related thinning (senescent alopecia) • Thinning that starts in the later years may not be androgen dependent • May be more diffuse than androgenetic alopecia • Treatment: minoxidil, surgical treatment 3. Further classification of primary cicatricial alopecia is based on histology of predominant infiltrate seen on scalp biopsy. Alopecia mucinosa and discoid lupus erythema tosus are often included in this category, but these disor ders may not be exclusively folliculocentric. Lupus erythematosus alopecia; broken hairs in frontal region (“lupus hairs”) • Chronic cutaneous (discoid) lupus erythematosus • Diagnostic biopsy and direct immunofluorescence (Fig. Alopecia mucinosa (follicular mucinosis) • Erythematous plaques or flat patches without hair • Children: head and neck, benign, self-resolving • Adults: more widespread distribution; may be associ ated with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma • Histology: mucin in the outer root sheath and seba ceous glands, perifollicular lymphohistiocytic infiltrate 6. Uncombable hair syndrome • Hair collar sign: ring of dark hair encircling aplasia • Autosomal dominant or sporadic lesion; suggests neural tube defect • Defect: an abnormal configuration of inner root sheath that keratinizes before the hair shaft Hair Shaft Disorders (Table 1-2) • Blond, shiny, “spun glass” hair 1. Argininosuccinic aciduria • Microscopy: pili trianguli et canaliculi, longitudinal • Autosomal recessive groove (Fig. Tinea capitis (Table 1-3) • Gritty nodules on the hair in temperate climates • Clinical spectrum: asymptomatic carrier state, sebor • White piedra is caused by Trichosporon beigelii rheic type with scaling of the scalp, “black dot” type • Black piedra is caused by Piedraia hortai with areas of broken hair, and inflammatory kerion 3. There was full regrowth after treatment with a Cornelia de Lange, minoxidil, cyclosporine, phenytoin, course of oral antifungals. A 6-year-old girl is sent home from school for having “lice” and presents to you for evaluation and treatment. A 6-year-old girl is brought in by her mother who is concerned that she has never needed a haircut. She has no patchy or dif • White forelock, depigmented patches on ventral fuse hair loss. Halo scalp ring finding is: • Temporary nonscarring alopecia attributed to caput succedaneum A. Match the syndrome on the right with most common Questions hair findings on the left: 1. Menkes kinky hair of regular menstrual periods and reports that at her invaginata syndrome most recent annual gynecologic examination, she was C. Androgenetic alopecia follicular markings are intact and there is no scaling or erythema of the scalp. A 60-year-old woman with previously “salt-and-pepper” adrenal function, and no evidence of adrenal or ovarian hair comes in to the office complaining that her hair tumors. The description of hair loss fts best with a clinical di A hair mount shows telogen club hairs. Androgenetic alopecia and thus slide freely along the hair shaf in contrast to the nits from pediculosis capitis which are adherent to 8. On examination there is a band of alopecia at the frontal chemical or physical damage to the hair and are com monly referred to as “split ends. A scalp easily extracted show a hook-shaped appearance biopsy is done showing a dense lymphocytic infiltrate at the level of the isthmus. Frontal fibrosing alopecia telogen hairs, anagen hairs have a curled appearance at the root. The clinical scenario describes a patient with alopecia vellus hair-bearing areas in men and women areata. Eyebrows, eyelashes, and vellus hairs are androgen mented hair frst, thus giving the appearance of “going dependent white overnight. Testosterone binds the androgen receptor pecia, lymphocytic type, thought to be a variant of lichen planopilaris. The following hair shaft disorders are associated with woman with a bandlike area of hair loss along the fron increased hair fragility and breakage: totemporal rim; loss of eyebrows is variably seen. Trichorrhexis nodosa active border of hair loss, there is perifollicular erythema ii. Hair shaf disorders are typically divided into those that cause increased fragility/breakage and those that do Answers not. In the case of idiopathic hirsutism, women will pres invaginata, and monilethrix typically present with short, ent with the clinical signs of androgen excess, however, broken hair. Clinical picture, histopathology, and approach to diagnosing hair shaft disorders. N Engl J Med Sep 23 1999;341(13): Blume-Peytavi U et al; Skin Academy: European Consensus on the 964–973. High eyelid crease • Redundancy of eyelid skin with orbital fat prolapse due to indicative of levator dehiscence and attenuation. Fibrosis of palpebral conjunctiva develops secondary to chronic papillary conjunctivitis and irritation. Herpes zoster ophthalmicus occurs later in life; more common in immunosuppressed individuals • Ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve is commonly involved (Fig. Decompression, lid repair, strabismus • Systemic features of the respective disease can be found; interestingly, uveitis does not occur in psoriasis without 2. Squamous cell carcinoma • Congenital or acquired, due to infection with Toxoplasma C. Melanoma • Results in a primary retinal infection with coagulative necrosis and granulomatous uveitis and vitritis 3. Merkel cell carcinoma Vitamin A Deficiency • Major role of this vitamin in vision, growth, and immunity 5. Neurofibromatosis I is associated with all the following • Ocular findings: night blindness (nyctalopia), dry eyes except: (xerophthalmia), Bitot spots, corneal thinning, and ulcer A. Plexiform neurofibromas • Bitot spots: foamy areas on conjunctiva from accumula C. Cicatricial ectropion is generally associated with: • Vitamin B (thiamine) deficiency: (also known as 1 A. Anterior lamellar shortening • Seventy percent have ocular abnormalities: dry eyes, C. Symblepharon • Vitamin B (riboflavin) deficiency:2 • Ocular findings: seborrheic blepharitis, corneal vascu 7. Which of the following syndromes is associated with larization, and interstitial keratitis glaucoma Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Deficiency A. All the following can be found in Vogt-Koyanagi Harada syndrome except: Questions A.

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Radiotherapy and chemotherapy for advanced disease Ophthalmic tumor review Shields 63 63 V heart attack stent perindopril 8mg free shipping. An example is the conjunctival telangiectasia of ataxia telangiectasia (Louis-Barr) blood pressure jokes 2 mg perindopril for sale. Most are now recognized to blood pressure 5080 buy cheap perindopril be due to lowering blood pressure without medication quickly cheap perindopril generic recessive tumor suppresser gene c Some have no hereditary pattern (Sturge-Weber and Wyburn-Mason) 4 blood pressure medication starting with z 8 mg perindopril with mastercard. Pigmented macules ("cafe au lait spots") (More that 5 cafe au lait spots greater than l. Central Nervous System Features (Mainly in type 2) Ophthalmic tumor review Shields 65 65 a. Cornea: Occasional prominent corneal nerves (More common in multiple endocrine neoplasia syndromes d. Other cutaneous hemangiomas (May overlap the Klippel-Trenaunay -Weber syndrome) 3. Central Nervous System Features a Racemose hemangioma in midbrain b Can also affect pterygoid fossa, mandible and maxilla 4. Note: the colorectal cancer screening prevalence estimates do not distinguish between examinations for screening and diagnosis. Relative Risks for Established Colorectal Cancer Risk Factors 11 Colorectal Cancer Screening 15 Table 3. Considerations When Deciding with Your Doctor Which Test Is Right for You 16 the 80% by 2018 Screening Initiative 20 Table 4. Colorectal Cancer Screening (%), Adults Age 50 Years and Older by State, 2014 21 Table 5. Colorectal Cancer Screening by Age, Race/Ethnicity, and State, 2014 22 Colorectal Cancer Treatment 23 What Is the American Cancer Society Doing about Colorectal Cancer Cancer is a disease characterized by the unchecked Esophagus division and survival of abnormal cells. After colon food is chewed and swallowed, it travels through the Cecum esophagus to the stomach. There it is partially broken Appendix Anus down and sent to the small intestine, where digestion Rectum continues and most of the nutrients are absorbed. Despite their anatomic meters (5 feet) long and 5 centimeters (2 inches) in proximity, cancers in the anus are classified separately diameter. The colon has 4 sections: from those in the colorectum because they originate • the ascending colon begins with the cecum (a pouch from different cell types, and thus have different where undigested food is received from the small characteristics. Within the colorectum, there are also intestine) and extends upward on the right side of distinct differences in biology based on anatomic location, which are reflected in the tumors that develop. For example, tumors in the proximal colon are much more • the transverse colon is so-called because it crosses common in older than in younger patients and in women the body from the right to the left side. The ascending than in men; these patients have lower survival rates than and transverse colon are collectively referred to as 2, 3 patients with tumors in the distal colon or rectum. Adenomas arise from glandular cells, which produce Water and nutrients are absorbed from food matter as it mucus to lubricate the colorectum. Waste from this process passes one-half of all individuals will eventually develop one or from the sigmoid colon into the rectum – the final 15 more adenomas. As a tumor grows, it may bleed or obstruct the cells typically spread first into nearby lymph nodes, intestine. In some cases, blood loss from the cancer leads to which are bean-shaped structures that help fight anemia (low number of red blood cells), causing symptoms infections. Cancer cells can also be carried in blood such as weakness, excessive fatigue, and sometimes vessels to other organs and tissues, such as the liver, shortness of breath. Additional warning signs include: lungs, or peritoneum (membrane lining the abdomen). The spread of cancer cells to parts of the body distant • Bleeding from the rectum from where the tumor originated is called metastasis. Staging is essential for determining treatment choices and assessing prognosis • Cramping or discomfort in the lower abdomen (prediction of disease outcome). Colorectal Cancer Growth descriptive and statistical analysis of tumor registry data. While a recent fat and low in fruits and vegetables, vitamin D deficiency, study found that higher natural levels of estrogen among smoking, obesity, and diabetes. Despite higher incidence rates in men among whites, as well as differences in the prevalence of than in women, trends are similar by sex. Over the past 5 data whom the majority of cases occur, masking trends in years (2009-2013), rates declined by about 3% per year in young individuals. Reasons for the rise in young age groups are in mortality from 1975 to 2000 are attributed to Figure 4. This trend is in contrast to older age groups, among whom death rates are decreasing by about 1% per 90 year in individuals 50-64 years of age and by 3% per year 80 in those 65 and older. In contrast, death 50 rates in blacks increased from the early 1970s until 1990, Incidence, Hispanics decreased sluggishly during the 1990s, then began 40 matching the pace of the decline in whites during the 30 Mortality, blacks 2000s (Figure 6). The widening racial disparity was largely 10 Mortality, Hispanics driven by distant-stage disease, which declined in whites 0 while remaining stable in blacks through the mid 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2000s. Incidence rates a combination of less screening and lower stage-specific are adjusted for reporting delays. As a result of the rapid declines in death rates in blacks over the past decade, the black white gap has begun to narrow. Table 1 (page 9) shows the variation in state-level incidence and death rates per 100,000 people by race/ ethnicity. State rates differ up to two-fold for both incidence Are there geographic differences in and mortality among men in all three racial/ethnic groups, colorectal cancer occurrence In contrast to the 1970s and lowest in the District of Columbia and highest in Kentucky. Incidence rates for Nevada and New Mexico are for 2009-2010 and 2009-2012, respectively. Mortality – National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016. Surveillance Research 71% and 14% for patients diagnosed with regional and Stage distribution and cancer survival distant stages, respectively. Cause-specific survival rates are the probability of not dying from colorectal ©2017 American Cancer Society, Inc. Rates for American Indians/Alaska Natives are based on small case numbers, particularly for distant-stage disease. Based on cause-specific survival, which is used to report ©2017 American Cancer Society, Inc. Survival disparities are evident with blacks, to be diagnosed with distant-stage disease within as well as between racial and ethnic groups. There was a striking improvement in 5-year poverty during 2010-2014, compared to 11% of non survival for distant-stage disease over the past two Hispanic whites. The progress for advanced disease is due to unfavorable tumor characteristics, and more 50-52 improvements in surgery and chemotherapy. Recent studies *Relative risk compares the risk of disease among people with a particular indicate that familial risk extends beyond first-degree “exposure” to the risk among people without that exposure. Relative risk for 59 dietary factors compares the highest with the lowest consumption. It is characterized by the increasing emphasis on chemoprevention, such as with development of hundreds to thousands of colorectal nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin. Inflammatory bowel disease has been diagnosed effective because of the rarity of the condition. Diet also Based on these findings, as well as the numerous other has a large influence on the collective microorganisms health benefits of regular physical activity, the American. The existing tumors, while inhibiting formation of new 118 association appears to be stronger for rectal than for tumors in healthy tissue. The While observational studies generally find decreased risk in American Cancer Society has not conducted a formal women with recent hormone use,151, 152 long-term follow-up evidence review, but currently does not recommend the data from randomized controlled trials find no meaningful use of these drugs for cancer prevention in the general association. Colonoscopy is the recommended any test other than colonoscopy should be followed with screening method for most individuals at increased risk. Patients should be given information about the benefits and limitations of each screening test, and choose one Colorectal Cancer Facts & Figures 2017-2019 15 Table 3. Considerations When Deciding with Your Doctor Which Test Is Right for You Performance & Test Time Benefits Complexity* Limitations Interval Visual Examinations Colonoscopy • Examines entire colon Performance: • Full bowel cleansing 10 years • Can biopsy and remove Highest • Can be expensive polyps Complexity: • Sedation usually needed, necessitating a • Can diagnose other Highest chaperone to return home diseases • Patient may miss a day of work. This procedure, which is usually performed by colorectal cancers, which can progress to the point where a gastroenterologist, allows for direct visual examination symptoms are evident years before the next scheduled of the entire colon and rectum. Although previous studies found colonoscopy to screening purposes, as well as after abnormal results be much less effective at finding lesions in the proximal from any other screening test. Before undergoing a colon, early results from two European randomized colonoscopy, patients are instructed to take special controlled trials reported similar adenoma detection laxative agents to cleanse the colorectum completely so 166, 175 rates for the proximal and distal colon. During the exam, the colon is inflated with either air or carbon Flexible sigmoidoscopy dioxide. Carbon dioxide is used less often, but is safer Sigmoidoscopy was a common screening test before the (because it eliminates the small risk of explosion during widespread adoption of colonoscopy beginning around polypectomy) and causes less discomfort after the 166, 167 2000, but current availability of the test is limited and procedure. Then a long, slender instrument called a prevalence among screening aged adults (50 years or older) colonoscope is inserted into the anus and moved slowly 177 had plummeted to just 2. The similar to colonoscopy except that it allows visualization colonoscope has a light and small video camera on the only of the rectum and lower one-third of the colon end, which allows for the detection and removal of most 173 (sigmoid colon). Colonoscopy has or tumor present, the patient is referred for a colonoscopy the longest rescreening interval of all test options; if the so that the entire colon can be examined. A small, flexible tube is inserted not be visible, can be detected in stool with special tests. Patients with a positive stool recovery time, and typically takes approximately 10 to 15 test are further evaluated with a diagnostic colonoscopy. There is less evidence should also be avoided because they can lead to false on the benefits and harms of this test compared to others 165 negative test results. Air is then introduced to further expand the colon against hemoglobin to detect hidden blood in the stool. This method is less sensitive Early versions of this test were not as good at detecting than colonoscopy for visualizing small polyps or cancers. Patients with a positive test colonoscopy in the past 10 years (Table 4, page 20). Cologuard has been • Adults ages 50-64 (58%) were less likely to have been shown to detect cancer and precancerous lesions more screened than those ages 65 and older (68%). They consist of strips of Michigan, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and paper to be dropped into the toilet water with your stool Wisconsin). Note: the colorectal cancer screening prevalence estimates do not distin guish between examinations for screening and diagnosis. Barriers to cancer 8 Michigan screening are more common among people with fewer 9 Maryland 10 North Carolina financial resources, resulting in disparities in screening 11 Minnesota prevalence. Research suggests that the causes of 12 Vermont 13 Utah screening disparities differ among racial and ethnic 14 Washington minorities, thus requiring specific targeted interventions 15 Virginia 198 to address these gaps.

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