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By: Edward T. F. Wei PhD


Moreover cholesterol lowering diet plan menu discount simvastatin 40 mg without prescription, this placental territorial mismatch has been characterized by hypovolemia and oligo-/anhydramnios cholesterol lowering foods uk purchase simvastatin american express. Studies this is often associated with an empty bladder cholesterol levels over 1000 buy simvastatin cheap online, growth showed that birth weight discordance increases with in restriction and abnormal Doppler fow in the umbilical creased placental territory discordance cholesterol medication joint pain generic simvastatin 40mg mastercard. Stage V describes the fetal demise of either or cutis and terminal limb infarction best ldl cholesterol lowering foods best order for simvastatin, etc. Largest study ofthe accuracy of the T/Lambda signs and A reproducible method for antenatal labelling of twins is number of placentas in the frst trimester diagnosis of important in the management of all twin pregnancies. This chorionicity has shown that chorionicity determination is is to ensure that biometry from longitudinal growth scans feasible and very accurate at 1114 weeks gestation. Additionally, when screening for aneuploidies is onicity is confrmed by histology at birth (Fig. As undertaken, there must be a reliable and accurate system in the pregnancy advances into the second trimester, regres place to ensure that invasive prenatal diagnosis or selective sion of the chorion-frondosum leads to the gradual loss of fetal reduction is carried out on the at-risk or affected twin, the lambda sign. Each fetus within the twin pregnancy the lambda sign is not visible in about 7% of dichorionic can be orientated at the 1114 week ultrasound assessment, pregnancies by 20 weeks gestation. H & E stain X100; (B) Dividing membrane of dichorionic placenta showing two layers of chorion (X) sandwich between two layers of amnion (arrow heads) on either side. In dizygotic twins, the maternal age-related 32 450 450 225 risk for chromosomal abnormalities for each fetus is the same 33 400 400 200 as in singleton pregnancies. As majority of dichorionic twins are dizygotic, the chance that at least one fetus is affected by a 34 300 300 150 chromosomal defect is twice as high as in singleton pregnan 35 250 250 125 cies. Since all the monochorionic twins are monozygotic their 36 200 200 100 risk for a chromosomal abnormality affecting both fetuses is the same as in singleton pregnancies (Table 12. In the case of pregnancies are at greater risk of pregnancy complications chorionic villous sampling, the procedure-related fetal loss than singletons, they need frequent care than singletons. In pregnancies discordant for in Monochorionic Twins chromosomal defects the main options are either selective fetocide or expectant management. It is recom risk of spontaneous abortion compared to reduction before mended to offer ultrasound examinations once in 2 weeks 16 weeks. Prematurity is responsible for adverse perinatal and infant Routine fetal cardiac assessment is indicated in monochori outcomes among twins and triplets compared to singletons. It has been recognised that cervical Fetal Growth and Well-being Assessment length assessment at 22 weeks could be used to screen women with singleton pregnancy that are at risk of preterm Symphysis fundal height measurement is not recommended as birth. It is recommended 25 mm at 1824 weeks of gestation in twin pregnancies is a to offer serial growth scans once in 4 weeks from 28 weeks good predictor of preterm birth at up to 35 weeks of gesta onwards for multiple pregnancies. As a screening vent preterm birth in women with singleton pregnancies at method of preterm labour routine cervical length assess high risk of preterm delivery. Progesterone reduces the risk ment is not recommended for multiple pregnancies as there of preterm birth particularly singletons with a mid-trimester is no effective treatment to prevent preterm labour. In contrast, they demonstrated that there 38 weeks and after 35 weeks for the triplets. Risk of stillbirth in dichori dent independent of presentation, chorionicity or infant sex onic twins does not appear to be different between 28 and but was associated with planned vaginal delivery, birth weight 38 weeks. However, the available evidence is inconclu risk in monochorionic twins is fve times higher than dicho sive to suggest the best method of delivery in twin gestations rionic twins and this risk remains high throughout the preg to optimize maternal and fetal outcome. Therefore, they need more frequent check-ups this is because of high mortality and morbidity in surviv throughout pregnancy. The birth from 35 weeks 0 days is recommended for uncompli purpose of this scan is to estimate gestational age, deter cated triplets after a course of antenatal corticosteroids has mine chorionicity and screen for Down syndrome. All higher order multiples should be labelled Malpresentations according to the relative position of each fetus (for ex the changes in fetal presentation throughout pregnancy ample, upper and lower, or left and right) and this should were observed in twins. It has been reported that 78% of the be documented clearly in the womans notes to ensure leading twins were vertex at 2630 weeks gestational age, consistency. A difference in size of 25% or more between twins or triplets should be considered as Mode of Delivery a clinically important indicator of intrauterine growth re the decision of which twins should be delivered vaginally striction and offer referral to a tertiary level fetal medicine or by caesarean section is varied from place to place. Delivery of uncomplicated triplet pregnancies effect of birth order should also be considered as potential should be undertaken electively from 35 weeks 0 days by risk factor of perinatal death among twins. London: the Parthenon Publishing gestation pregnancy while allowing some fetuses to remain Group;1995, pp. The endocrinology of dizy sion of how many fetuses to be reduced should be made by gotic twinning in human. A reduction to a singleton may be a choice for some novel approaches to ovarian stimulation. Follicle selection in primates: many are called but few pregnant with twins should be offered reduction to a single 114 are chosen. Characteristics of the child sonographic visualization and 23 mEqKcl are injected to bearing population in Europe. Trends in the occurrence, determinants, and associated with 57% risk of miscarriage. Contribution of assisted reproduction technology and ovulation-inducing drugs to triplet and Important Points higher-order multiple birthsUnited States, 19801997. Successful assisted reproduction technology: the l First trimester ultrasonography is very reliable in determin beauty of one. Deliv between 16 and 24 weeks for early diagnosis of fetal eries and children born after in-vitro fertilisation in Sweden 198295: transfusion syndromes. Non-identical monozygotic twins, intermediate twin types, well-being at the time of delivery. Placental sharing, birthweight clinical implications of a large Dutch cohort study. Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome tribution of birth asphyxia to cerebral palsy in term singletons. Paedi results from dynamic asymmetrical reduction in placental anastomoses: atr Perinat Epidemiol. Multiple birth and cerebral palsy in Europe: a multicenter Maternal plasma and amniotic fuid angiogenic factors and their re study. Trends in preterm birth: restriction and intermittent absent or reversed end-diastolic umbilical singleton and multiple pregnancies in the Netherlands, 2000-2007. Vaginal tive intrauterine growth restriction in monochorionic pregnancies progesterone reduces the rate of preterm birth in women with a sono according to umbilical artery Doppler fow in the smaller twin. Ultra graphic short cervix: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo sound Obstet Gynecol. Maternal characteristics of monochorionic diamniotic twin pairs with early and late characteristics and cervical length in the prediction of early spontaneous onset discordant growth. National Institute of Child tations: a multicenter prospective cohort study from the frst trimester Health and Human Development Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units onward. Monoamniotic twins in contemporary practice: a and severity of discordance in monochorionic and dichorionic twins. Monoamniotic absent end-diastolic fow in the umbilical artery of monochorionic twins: what should be the optimal antenatal management Clinical outcome and placental territory ratio of monochorionic twin Semin Fetal Neonatal Med. Intensive management and early delivery reduce antena sound: limitations and guidance. Improved the lambda sign at 10-14 weeks of gestation as a predictor of chori perinatal survival of monoamniotic twins with intensive inpatient onicity in twin pregnancies. The Monoamniotic twin pregnancies: antenatal management and perinatal lambda sign at 10-14 weeks of gestation as a predictor of chorionicity results of 19 consecutive cases. National Collaborating Centre for Womens and Childrens Health ric Ultrasound: How, Why and When, 3rd edn, Elsevier, Churchill Clinical Guideline March 2008. Prospective risk of late stillbirth Screening for trisomies in dichorionic twins by measurement of fetal in monochorionic twins: a regional cohort study. Early pregnancy growth and preg pregnancies in the frst trimester: an update of the impact of chorionicity nancy outcome in twin pregnancies. This might be related to (Korotkoff V) an increased prevalence of predisposing disorders such as chronic hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Available evidence does not support the notion that nal deaths but also substantial morbidity for the pregnant these women have an increased risk of adverse outcomes. Hy Diastolic blood pressure is determined as a disappearance pertension and/or proteinuria is the leading single identifable of sound (Korotkoff phase V). Korotkoff phase V (disappear risk factor in pregnancy associated with stillbirth. For accuracy, mercury fetal growth restriction, low birthweight, spontaneous or iat sphygmomanometer is preferred. Automated systems for rogenic preterm delivery, respiratory distress syndrome and blood pressure measurements have been shown to be unreli admission to neonatal intensive care. About 1 in the blood pressure level should be taken with an appro 250 primigravidas (0. Half of women the arm) with the patients in an upright position with their with severe preeclampsia give birth preterm. For patients common, with 2025% of preterm births and 1419% of in the hospital, the blood pressure can be taken when the term births in women with preeclampsia being less than the patient is sitting or left lateral recumbent position with the 10th centile of birthweight for gestation. The cuff should encircle and Chapter | 13 Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy 187 cover two-thirds of the length of the arm. Chronic hypertension is defned as hypertension present before 20th week of pregnancy or that is diagnosed precon ceptionally. Hypertension should be documented on at least Proteinuria two occasions, measured at least 4 hours apart. Blood pres It is defned as the urinary excretion of 300 mg or more of sure elevation that persists. This usually correlates with 30 mg/dl (11 by qualitative estimation using re l Essential hypertension is diagnosed when there is no agent strips) in at least two random urine samples collected 4 apparent underlying cause for chronic hypertension. Urine concentrations vary widely during the day; hence the diagnosis should be based Preeclampsia superimposed on chronic hypertension: on a 24-hour urine protein determination. Urine protein/cre It is diagnosed when one or more features of preeclampsia atinine ratio has not been found to be an accurate method of. However, this ratio may be used when assess woman with pre-existing chronic hypertension. Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy can be included Gestational hypertension is the most frequent of the hyper into four well-defned groups: tensive disorders of pregnancy with prevalence between 6 and 15% in nulliparous and 24% in multiparous. The characteristic developing after 20 weeks of gestation, during labour, or in that differentiates gestational hypertension from chronic the frst 24 hour postpartum, without proteinuria, or any hypertension is the onset of the problem after 20 weeks and other systemic features of preeclampsia, in a previously the absence of hypertension before pregnancy. The condition normotensive nonproteinuric woman and the blood pres is more frequent in obese women with multiple gestations, sure resolves within 3 months postpartum. Preeclampsia: Hypertension associated with proteinuria Gestational hypertension was earlier referred to as greater than 0. The old name was Eclampsia: Convulsions occurring in a patient with a source of confusion because it was also used to denote all preeclampsia are known as eclampsia. They have a substantial increase in poor maternal and perinatal outcome when compared with normotensive women. They have increased incidence of Classifcation placental insuffciency, fetal growth restriction, iatrogenic Gestational hypertension may be mild or severe. The condi prematurity, admission to neonatal intensive care unit and tion is considered to be severe if there are sustained blood placental abruption.

To the United States such intervention was necessary to cholesterol test coffee 10 mg simvastatin for sale uphold international law boost good cholesterol foods order cheap simvastatin line, repel aggression cholesterol deposits in eyes buy simvastatin 20 mg on-line, protect freedom of the seas cholesterol levels for life insurance quality 10mg simvastatin, maintain its access to cholesterol check purchase simvastatin with mastercard South China Sea oil, and prevent the domination of East Asia by a single power. To China that intervention was a totally intolerable but typically arrogant attempt by the leading Western state to humiliate and browbeat China, provoke opposition to China within its legitimate sphere of influence, and deny China its appropriate role in world affairs. In the coming era, in short, the avoidance of major intercivilizational wars requires core states to refrain from intervening in conflicts in other civilizations. This is a truth which some states, particularly the United States, will undoubtedly find difficult to accept. This abstention rule that core states abstain from intervention in conflicts in other civilizations is the first requirement of peace in a multicivilizational, multipolar world. The second requirement is the joint mediation rule that core states negotiate with each other to contain or to halt fault line wars between states or groups from their civilizations. Acceptance of these rules and of a world with greater equality among Civilizationswill not be easy for the West or for those civilizations which may aim to supplement or supplant the West in its dominant role. In such a world, for instance, core states may well view it as their prerogative to possess nuclear weapons and to deny such weapons to other members of their civilization. Looking back on his efforts to develop a "full nuclear capability" for Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto justified those efforts: "We know that Israel and South Africa have full nuclear capability. Only the Islamic civilization was without it, but that position was about to change. Even though it has highly cooperative relations with Pakistan, Iran clearly feels I that it needs nuclear weapons as much as Pakistan does. On the other hand, Brazil and Argentina gave up their programs aimed in this direction, and South Africa destroyed its nuclear weapons, although it might well wish to reacquire them if Nigeria began to develop such a capability. While nuclear proliferation obviously involves risks, as Scott Sagan and others have pointed out, a world in which one or two core states in each of the major civilizations had nuclear weapons and no other states did could be a reasonably stable world. As Western power declines relative to that of other civilizations, pressures will develop to reshape these institutions to accommodate the interests of those civilizations. The most obvious, most important, and probably most controversial issue concerns permanent membership in the U. Over the longer haul either changes are made in its membership or other less formal procedures are likely to develop to deal with security issues, even as the G-7 meetings have dealt with global economic issues. In a multicivilizational world ideally each major civilization should have at least one permanent seat on the Security Council. The United States has endorsed Japanese and German membership but it is clear that they will become permanent members only if other countries do also. Brazil has suggested five new permanent members, albeit without veto power, Germany, Japan, India, Nigeria, and itself. From a civilizational viewpoint, clearly Japan and India should be permanent members, and Africa, Latin America, and the Muslim world should have permanent seats, which could be occupied on a rotating basis by the leading states of those civilizations, selections being made by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Organization of African Unity, and the Organization of American States (the United States abstaining). It would also be appropriate to consolidate the British and French seats into a single European Union seat, the rotating occupant which would be selected by the Union. Seven civilizations would thus each have one permanent seat and the West would have two, an allocation broadly representative of the distribution of people, wealth, and power in the world. Multiculturalism at threatens the United States and the West; universalism abroad threatens the West and the world. A multicultural America is impossible because a non-Western America is not American. The preservation of the United States and the West requires the renewal of Western identity. Does the vacuousness of Western universalism and the reality of global diversity lead inevitably and irrevocably to moral and cultural relativism. Cultures, as Michael Walzer has argued, are they prescribe institutions and behavior patterns to guide humans in which are right in a particular society. Above, beyond, and growing out of this maximalist morality, however, is a "thin" minimalist morality that embodies "reiterated features of particular thick or maximal moralities. There are also minimal moral "negative injunctions, most likely, rules against murder, deceit, torture, oppression, and tyranny. Yet a "thin" minimal morality does derive from the common human condition, and "universal dispositions" in all cultures. In a multicivilizational world, the constructive Course is to renounce universalism, accept diversity, and seek commonalities. A relevant effort to identify such commonalities in a very small place occurred in Singapore in the early 1990s. The people of Singapore are roughly 76 percent Chinese, 15 percent Malay and Muslim, and 6 percent Indian Hindu and Sikh. In the past the government has attempted to promote "Confucian values" among its people but it has also insisted on everyone being educated in and becoming fluent in English. In January 1989 President Wee Kim Wee in his address opening Parliament pointed to the extensive exposure of the 2. The White Paper defined the "Shared Values" of Singaporeans as: Nation before [ ethnic] community and society above self; Family as the basic unit of society; Regard and community support for the individual; Consensus instead of contention; Racial and religious harmony. The government emphasized that Singapore was "in crucial respects an Asian society" and must remain one. If over the longer term Singaporeans became indistinguishable from Americans, British or Australians, or worse became a poor imitation of them [i. Certainly a statement of Western and particularly American values would give far more weight to the rights of the individual as against those of the community, to freedom of expression and truth emerging out of the contest of ideas, to political participation and competition, and to the rule of law as against the rule of expert, wise, and responsible governors. Yet even so, while they might supplement the Singaporean values and give some lower priority, few Westerners would reject those values as unworthy. At least at a basic "thin" morality level, some commonalities exist between Asia and the West. If humans are ever to develop a universal civilization, it will emerge gradually through the exploration and expansion of these commonalities. Thus, in addition to the abstention rule and the joint mediation rule, the third rule for peace in a multicivilizational world is the commonalities rule: peoples in all civilizations should search for and attempt to expand the values, institutions, and practices they have in common with peoples of other civilizations. This effort would contribute not only to limiting the clash of civilizations but also to strengthening Civilization in the singular (hereafter capitalized for clarity). The singular Civilization presumably refers to a complex mix of higher levels of morality, religion, learning, art, philosophy, technology, material well-being, and probably other things. Yet scholars easily identify highpoints and low points in the level of Civilization in the histories of civilizations. Is there a general, secular trend, transcending individual civilizations, toward higher levels of Civilization If there is such a trend, is it a product of the processes of modernization that increase the control of humans over their environment and hence generate higher and higher levels of technological sophistication and material well-being In the contemporary era, is a higher level of modernity thus a prerequisite to a higher level of Civilization Or does the level of Civilization primarily vary within the history of individual civilizations This issue is another manifestation of the debate over the linear or cyclical nature of history. Conceivably modernization and human moral development produced by greater education, awareness, and understanding of human society and its natural environment produce sustained movement toward higher and higher levels of Civilization. Alternatively, levels of Civilization may simply reflect phases in the evolution of civilizations. When civilizations first emerge, their people are usually vigorous, dynamic, brutal, mobile, and expansionist. As the civilization evolves it becomes more settled and develops the techniques and skills that make it more Civilized. As the competition among its constituent elements tapers off and a universal state emerges, the civilization reaches its highest level of Civilization, its "golden age," with a flowering of morality, art, literature, philosophy, technology, and martial, economic, and political competence. As it goes into decay as a civilization, its level of Civilization also declines until it disappears under the onslaught of a different surging civilization with a lower level of Civilization. Modernization has generally enhanced the material level of Civilization throughout the world. Slavery, torture, vicious abuse of individuals, have become less and less acceptable in the contemporary world. Is this, however, simply the result of the impact of Western civilization on other cultures and hence will a moral reversion occur as Western power declines Much evidence exists in the 1990s for the relevance of the "sheer chaos" paradigm of world affairs: a global breakdown of law and order, failed states and increasing anarchy in many parts of the world, a global crime wave, transnational mafias and drug cartels, increasing drug addiction in many societies, a general weakening of the family, a decline in trust and social solidarity in many countries, ethnic, religious, and civilizational violence and rule by the gun prevalent in much of the world. In city after city -Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Shanghai, London, Rome, Warsaw, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Delhi, Karachi, Cairo, Bogota, Washington crime seems to be soaring and basic elements of Civilization fading away. The rise of transnational corporations producing economic goods is increasingly matched by the rise of transnational criminal mafias, drug cartels, and terrorist gangs violently assaulting Civilization. Law and order is the first prerequisite of Civilization and in much of the world -Africa, Latin America, the former Soviet Union, South Asia, the Middle East-it appears to be evaporating, while also under serious assault in China, Japan, and the West. On a worldwide basis Civilization seems in many respects to be yielding to barbarism, generating the image of an unprecedented phenomenon, a global Dark Ages, possibly descending on humanity. The alternative, in this overcrowded little world, is misunderstanding, tension, clash, and catastrophe. In the clash of civilizations, Europe and America will hang together or hang separately. In the emerging era, clashes of civilizations are the greatest threat to world peace, and an international order based on civilizations is the surest safeguard against world war. Weve all learned to strike a bal ance between adapting to our limitations and surroundings, and living a fulfilling life despite them. Im involved in volun teer projects that help young people with disabilities, advising them on indepen dence and entrepreneurship, and raising public awareness about disability wherever I go. Some described it in 1886 Jean-Martin doctors also use the old-fashioned Charcot and Pierre Marie of France, name peroneal muscular atrophy, and Howard Henry Tooth of the United which refers to wasting of the peroneal Kingdom. Leg (peroneus) the proteins that serve essential func muscle Nerve damage, or neuropathy, causes tions in our bodies. When you decide to move of nerve damage caused by diabetes, your leg, your brain sends an electrical immunological abnormalities or expo signal to muscle-controlling nerve cells sure to certain chemicals or drugs it in your spinal cord, which then use the isnt caused by anything a person does, peripheral nerves to pass the signal on and it isnt contagious. If the peripheral nerves are made up of the nerves that go to and from the dia fibers, or axons, that extend from sen phragm or intercostal (between the ribs) sory nerve cells and muscle-controlling muscles are affected, respiratory impair nerve cells, and carry electrical signals ment can result. It also provides essential nourish slowly progressive weakness and wast ment to the axons. They also convey sensation and help breakdown of myelin (called demyelin frequent tripping, and with increasing with balance and awareness of the bodys ation) while defective axon genes can weakness and attempts at compensa position. Each axon is surrounded by myelin same: Defects in the axon or the visits to a neurologist after they notice made from the wrappings of Schwann myelin cause progressive damage to frequent trips and falls, ankle sprains, cells. Over time, the bones around the of these to get around, especially when joint shift into abnormal positions. If left For example, an occupational therapist untreated, the contractures and secondary might recommend that you put special abrasions tend to worsen over time, mak rubber grips on your homes doors, or ing it increasingly difficult to walk.

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Standard prophylactic dose for weight between not require thromboprophylaxis antenatally may need it in 50 and 90 kg is 5000 units 12 hourly cholesterol medication niacin order 40 mg simvastatin. Hence cholesterol levels glucose purchase simvastatin 20mg without prescription, checked 46 hours after loading dose cholesterol levels zocor generic simvastatin 20 mg with amex, 6 hours after changing each case needs to cholesterol new study order simvastatin be individualized cholesterol levels total best simvastatin 40mg. Intrave nous heparin is continued for 57 days and then converted to subcutaneous. Warfarin is safe during breast Noninvasive and Mechanical Methods feeding but is contraindicated during pregnancy. Warfarin has Early mobilization, adequate hydration, calf exercises, a 1450% risk of causing miscarriages, 30% chance of con graduated stockings are all easy and noninvasive methods genital fetal anomalies, bleeding disorder and still birth. Platelet though knee length ones may also be used if the other is count falls to,50% of baseline. This can cause bleeding and also paradoxical ing an ankle pressure gradient of 3040 mm of Hg. Heparin needs to be stopped helps prevent and reduce the occurrence of symptoms of and some other appropriate anticoagulant needs to be given. Hence, platelet count should be Drugs for Thromboprophylaxis done prior to initiation as well as after 3 days and 1 week. As mentioned previously, the recommended drug of choice Thereafter, platelet count needs to be regularly monitored. Newer drugs include Calcium intake should be increased and sometimes heparin heparinoids, direct thrombin inhibitors, factor Xa inhibitors, therapy requires to be stopped. Aspirin is not recommended for thromboprophylaxis the effect of heparin is reversed with protamine in pregnancy. The patients belonging to this group should be these are lesser in molecular weight than the standard hepa collectively managed by obstetricians in consultation rin. Sub In those patients with asymptomatic thrombophilia sequent monitoring is not required. Other disadvantages are higher cost and Period longer half life making management in labour little diffcult. Anticoagulation should be anticoagulant as an alternative to heparin in the absence of restarted in the postpartum period, after 46 hours of a danaparoid. Newer oral anticoagulants have been introduced, dabi However, here the danger of haemorrhage is high. These act by direct inhibition of anticoagulation must be started as soon as risk of haemor thrombin and factor Xa, respectively. However, these have rhage is reduced, since even excessive intrapartum and not been approved for use in pregnancy. Anticoagulation must be stopped Duration of Thromboprophylaxis if any such episode. If such a patient goes in labour, the As previously mentioned, thromboprophylaxis should time of the last dose of heparin must be noted. Fresh frozen plasma should warfarin at least for a period of 6 weeks has been recom also be kept ready if required. The leg ap l Clinical prediction score must be used to estimate the pears cyanosed and edematous and may result in gangrene. Swollen unilateral superficial veins (nonvaricose in symptomatic leg): 11 point Currently, compression duplex ultrasound is the primary 4. If diagnosis is confrmed on Dop pler ultrasound, anticoagulation is immediately started. However, if the suspicion is still 11 point high then an alternative diagnostic technique must be employed. Recently bedridden for more than 3 days, or major negative but the index of suspicion is very high, anticoagulation surgery requiring regional or general anaesthesia in may be continued till performance of the second test. It poses very less radiation risk to associated with own complications of bleeding, migration, the fetus. It can also detect other pulmonary pathology if thrombosis at site of placement and others. Hence, patient present such as pneumonia, effusion or even aortic dissec selection must be appropriate. The disadvantage is that it this can cause uteroplacental insuffciency, fetal growth is time consuming and cannot offer alternative diagnosis. A Doppler at can be considered as the duration and dose of anticoagula around 2428 weeks should be done to look for placental tion may differ depending on the reports. Doses of these have been men of fetal kick count should be explained to the patient. It is with antepartum Doppler, biophysical profle, cardiotocogra also important to monitor fetal well-being. In case of massive pulmonary embolism with haemody As these patients are on anticoagulation therapy, it is namic instability, thrombolytic therapy may be considered always better if delivery is planned rather than encountering as only anticoagulation may not reduce obstruction of pul such a patient in emergency. Thrombolytic agents like streptokinase, being and once pregnancy reaches term, delivery should be alteplase have high molecular weight and may not cross the planned and appropriate measures taken accordingly. However, this therapy is associated with increased Thus with a thorough assessment of patients at risk for risk of maternal bleeding. Patients on therapeutic anticoagulation must continue it as long as possible till delivery. Heparin can then be stopped and further anticoagu is also higher in Indian patients. Heparin therapy during pelvic rest, hydration, early mobilization, resting of the preg pregnancy. Use of antithrombotic agents during pregnancy: depending upon the risk, treatment be given. Risk of warfarin during preg l Various conditions developing in pregnancy such as pre nancy with mechanical valve prosthesis. Fondaparinux is a safe alternative l Aspirin is not routinely recommended for thromboprophy in case of heparin intolerance during pregnancy. Assessment of total thrombus venous thrombosis warrant use of routine heparin prophylaxis Temporary increase in the risk for recurrence bosis in the antenatal period in a large cohort of pregnancies from during pregnancy in women with a history of venous thromboembo western India. Higher order twins should be deliv Early diagnosis of multiple pregnancy is important as ered by plan caesarean section. First trimester Ethnic Variation scan between 11 and 14 weeks can be used reliably to assess gestational age, chorionicity, orientation and twin the incidence of natural twin pregnancy varies with the pregnancy complications. Serial fetal assessment between maternal age, nutritional status of the mother, race and the 16 and 24 weeks is needed for monochorionic twins in season of conception. Naturally conceived twin pregnancies order to identify fetal transfusion syndromes. Fetal growth occur most frequently in Nigeria, where the majority of such of multiple pregnancy should be monitored at least once in births are fraternal due to simultaneous ovulation. In case of suspected dizygotic twinning rate among the Yoruba people in Nigeria fetal transfusion syndrome, discordant growth. The lowest frequency of twin pregnancies complicated dichorionic and monochorionic twins should has been reported in Japan, where almost two-thirds of mul be delivered after 38 and 37 weeks, respectively. The reported rates for the United Kingdom ments account for around 13% of all singleton live births, are 15. The corresponding vanced age is thought to be due to dynamic hormonal distribution of chorionicity is considered to be 80% for di changes between the pituitary gland and the ovary. The timing of this division is the growth of other follicles and the one dominant follicle thought to be an important contributory factor in determin usually goes on to ovulate at mid-cycle. These may occur as a result of post-zygotic mitotic crossing over, non-disjunction, imprinting differences, inactivation and expression of se Assisted Reproductive Techniques lected genes, differences in telomere size, X-inactivation Most countries observed a stunning increase in the prevalence and discordant cytoplasmic segregation. Two separate placentas and sets gotic twins result from superovulation in the same cycle of membranes are formed if twinning takes place before with fertilization from the same source. Uncommonly, the differences in amniotic sac, chorionic and placental embryonic splitting occurs late at the stage of bilaminar anatomical development. Perinatal mortality rate at 42 weeks of a singleton pregnancy is equivalent that of Rarely, incomplete splitting of the embryo from later zy twins at 38 weeks. These exaggerated physi the cerebral impairment is thought to occur during antenatal ological changes in multiple pregnancies are associated with period. The assessment of fetal growth is co-twin death can pose a great risk to the surviving co-twin in an essential component of good antenatal care. Growth discordance can be a magnitude of preterm delivery may be underappreciated. It has become apparent that in singleton pregnan give the maximum beneft to the healthy twin. The healthy cies, cervical length screening between 19 and 24 weeks and twin should not be compromized in the event of a co-twin progesterone prophylaxis in women with a short would re death, as they have two different placental vascular sys duce the incidence of preterm birth before 33 weeks by tems. Using cut-offs of,25 mm,,20 mm and,15 mm, the respec Their analysis further demonstrated that birth weight tive detection rates of spontaneous preterm birth before discordance and gestational age but not chorionicity and 32 weeks gestation were 35%, 49% and 67%. These could be arterial Fetal Growth Restriction and Discordant to venous (AV), venous to venous (VV) and arterial to Fetal Growth arterial (AA) anastomoses. It has been increasingly known Under normal circumstances, twins grow at the same rate as that sharing placenta between twins is not equal. Combina singletons up to at least 32 weeks gestation, regardless of tion of placental vascular anastomoses and unequal placen chorionicity. Management Initial Evaluation Maternal and Perinatal Outcome Women with elevated blood pressure ( 140 systolic or 90 Maternal and perinatal morbidity are increased in women diastolic) and no proteinuria by qualitative urine examination with gestational hypertension. Women with mild gesta require an initial evaluation to determine whether or not they tional hypertension have an increased incidence of obstetri are at signifcant risk for a poor pregnancy outcome (Box 13. Women with severe gestational hypertension have portant major risk factor to be considered in such evaluation is a higher incidence of preterm birth and small for gestational the degreeof blood pressure elevation. Another major risk factor is the gestational age at the dipstick in at least two random urine samples collected at onset of the disease, and the earlier the presentation, the greater least 6 hours, but no more than 7 days apart). From the Approximately 1525% of women with gestational hy fetal side, major risk factors for a poor outcome are the pres pertension subsequently progress to develop the clinical ence of fetal growth restriction, oligohydramnios, and abnor syndrome of preeclampsia. The earlier the Gestational Hypertension Without Risk Factors gestation at presentation and more severe the hypertension, Women with gestational hypertension and no risk factors can the higher the risk of developing preeclampsia and associ be managed as outpatients. Saudan et al (1998) analyzed retrospec care are the early detection of preeclampsia and of progres tively 460 and prospectively 112 women with gestational sion of the condition to a severe form. They need to be in hypertension and found that the likelihood of progression to structed in the correct way to obtain their blood pressure at preeclampsia was 42, 36, 20, 16, and 7% for those diag home and are asked to record their readings and bring this nosed before 30, 3031, 3233, 3435 and 3637 weeks information to each clinic visit. Early gestational hypertension shares with sure threshold, usually systolic 150 or diastolic 100 that preeclampsia a high incidence of poor placentation with requires clinic or hospital evaluation. Gestational hypertension near term Gestational Hypertension (after 35 weeks) is associated with only 10% risk of pre eclampsia and little increase in risk for adverse pregnancy l Blood pressure 150/100 16 l Gestational age less than 30 weeks outcome and results in good perinatal outcome.

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Key papers have been published on: defning post-exertional malaise and sudden onset of M cholesterol levels too high buy generic simvastatin on-line. Of these: 47% were found to cholesterol lowering foods fish buy discount simvastatin 40mg online have fatigue associated with a chronic disease cholesterol of 240 generic 10 mg simvastatin with visa, including metabolic syndrome cholesterol plasma membrane purchase simvastatin with paypal, neurological disorder cholesterol ratio and risk buy discount simvastatin 40 mg line, connective tissue disorder/ autoimmune disease and fbromyalgia 20% had a primary sleep disorder 15% had a psychological/psychiatric illnesses, most commonly depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder 13% of patients had fatigue for which the cause remained unexplained 4% had cardiovascular disorders. This advice should be tailored to the specifc symptoms the person has and be aimed at minimising their impact on daily life and activities. The objectives of the programme should be to: sustain or gradually extend, if possible, the persons physical, emotional and cognitive capacity manage the physical and emotional impact of their symptoms. At the time of writing, a February 2015 workshop meeting had been scheduled for the Minister for Health, Department of Health decision makers and others to discuss service provision for M. A pilot condition management programme was set up in the Northern Trust in 2014 and assessment of how effective this was is underway. Guidelines for symptom management in Scotland There are very few specialist services for people with M. Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, 40: 304-7 22 Acknowledgements Action for M. Limitations: Studies were heterogeneous and were limited by size, number, applicability, and methodological quality. More denitive studies in broader pop Data Extraction: Data on participants, study design, analysis, ulations are needed to address these research gaps. Study qual Primary Funding Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and ity was dual-rated by using prespecied criteria, and discrepan Quality. All include persistent fatigue not at 1980s after research failed to identify a clear viral asso tributable to a known underlying medical condition, as ciation with what was previously labeled chronic well as additional clinical signs and symptoms that do EpsteinBarr virus syndrome (14). Other terms, such as not all need to be present to establish the diagnosis postviral fatigue syndrome and chronic fatigue immune (10). However, there has been no consensus about dysfunction syndrome, were also used in attempts to which, if any, of these clinical criteria should be consid associate the syndrome with possible underlying ered the reference standard. The report focuses on the adverse effect that See also: physical, cognitive, or emotional exertion can have on patients with this condition and acknowledges that this Related articles. The of the case denitions published since 1988 were ac purpose of this systematic review was to evaluate and cepted as reference standards. These studies informants and a technical expert panel, registration in are included in the full report (13). This article focuses on the published case sion criteria, population characteristics, sample size, denitions and on the concordance and accuracy of case denition for diagnosis, and results. A technical report vestigator reviewed extracted data for accuracy and details the methods and includes an analytic frame completeness. Investigators rated the quality (risk of work, search strategies, and additional evidence tables bias) of the individual studies on the basis of criteria (13). A second investigator reviewed ratings, and to identify relevant articles published between January disagreements were resolved by consensus with a third 1988 (year of the rst case denition) and September investigator as needed. Neither had a role in study nostic tests or case denitions were included if they selection, quality assessment, or synthesis. The investi were conducted in clinical settings or settings applica gators are solely responsible for the content. Then, the individual symp patients with psychiatric, rheumatologic, and other toms were ranked by predictive value and compared chronic diseases) (2527). This study met criteria for fair quality because lished case denitions as a reference standard (Appen it lacked a validation group, but it included a relatively dix Tables 2 and 4, available at One study met criteria for good quality (30), 7 for In another study of 368 patients and 452 controls, fair quality (3137), and 1 for poor quality (29). The 10 symptoms reference standard result (2936), and comparing included fatigue, exertional malaise, myalgias, cogni cases with primarily healthy or nonfatigued controls tive difculties (including poor concentration, poor (29, 31, 3336). A total score of 3 to 4 out of 4 had a sensitivity of symptoms, 3 studies found that symptom-based instru 81% for the 3-class solution and a specicity of 100%. Likewise, older vation cohort, and for each algorithm, the sensitivity, patients had lower resting heart rates, higher left ven specicity, and accuracy were determined in the valida tricular ejection time, and lower baroreex sensitivity tion cohort. A strategy that included 24 symptoms, the (ability to maintain blood pressure) than younger articial neural network, had good discriminative ability patients. Two studies of the same population evaluated the this study met criteria for good quality because it in ability of self-reported function scales to predict recov cluded a broad spectrum of patients with conditions ery from cardiopulmonary exercise testing in patients In addition, most studies were designed as descriptive studies and en From Oregon Health & Science University and Providence rolled healthy or nonfatigued participants as controls. Consistent with a prior They also thank Suchitra Iyer, PhD, Task Order Ofcer at the systematic review (53), no studies identied specic pa Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; Carmen Green, tients with identiable causes. Consensus groups and researchers should Quality (contract 290-2012-00014-i, task order 4), Rockville, consider retiring the Oxford case denition because it Maryland. Con on 26 March 2015 trasting case denitions for chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic en 17. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Postviral Fatigue 16356178] States: the Saga of Royal Free Disease. Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome: ison of the 1988 and 1994 diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue syn clinical working case denition, diagnostic and treatment protocols. Beyond Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ pirical delineation of heterogeneity in chronic unexplained fatigue. Contrast ing chronic fatigue syndrome versus myalgic encephalomyelitis/ atric illness in patients with chronic fatigue and those with rheuma chronic fatigue syndrome. Prevalence and incidence of chronic fatigue syndrome in and in general population and disease comparison groups. Diagnosis and treatment of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic 83-kilodalton isoform ratio is a potential test for chronic fatigue syn fatigue syndrome. A discourse analytic study of Associations between neuroendocrine responses to the Insulin Tol erance Test and patient characteristics in chronic fatigue syndrome. International noses to chronic fatigue syndrome in referrals to a specialist service: Journal of Machine Learning & Computing. Investigation of the Karnofsky Performance Critical revision of the article for important intellectual con Status as a measure of quality of life. Functional status and well-being of patients with chronic Beck Depression Inventory: twenty-ve years of evaluation. Exploring the validity of the tionship of a new self-report instrument to laboratory-based mea Chalder Fatigue scale in chronic fatigue syndrome. The psychiatric status of pact Prole: development and nal revision of a health status mea patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome. Reliability of a chronic fa tional status in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, other fatigu tigue syndrome questionnaire. Analysis of referral rejection letters: 52 (36%) of the et al, study of survey data reasons for rejected referrals were likely 2012 (49) assessing referral letter alternative psychiatric diagnosis and 67 (35%) rejections and case notes on were likely alternative medical diagnosis. Problems with friends and partners centered on the fact that the patient is not visibly ill, and that the symptoms are inconsistent or variable. Florence Taylor, survey of perceptions undergraduate psychology students Nightingale Disease vs. Florence Nightingale 2001 (47) survey of perceptions undergraduate psychology students Disease vs. Reyes et al, Prospective cohort; random N = 3,528 subjects with fatigue 1 month Descriptive results of exclusionary diagnosis 2003 (11) digit-dialing survey and duration (2762 with fatigue 6 months). Described harms from not having a diagnosis (fear, anxiety, confusion, self-doubt, bitterness). Received for publication April 26, 2002; accepted for publication August 19, 2002. In 19951997, the authors conducted a health survey in which these two symptom-based medical diagnoses in a population-based sample of 15,000 Gulf War veterans representing four military branches and three unit components (active, reserve, and National Guard) were compared with those of 15,000 non-Gulf veteran controls. Some veterans fulfill the clinical case criteria for many committee reports (14). To date, over 100,000 Gulf War One epidemiologic study of Gulf veterans seeking health veterans have voluntarily participated in a health registry care found that 16. All of these rates are significantly higher than have been suggested: exposure to multiple vaccines, pyri dostigmine bromide, toxic chemicals, chemical and biolog the rate seen in nonveterans (19). Furthermore, we evaluated the etiologic role of veterans with a preaddressed stamped return envelope. The questionnaire was accompanied by an introductory letter deployment-related stress on the development of these conditions. Ten Study population weeks after the mailing, a letter and replacement question the study subjects were 15,000 Gulf veterans and 15,000 naire were sent to the nonrespondents. Six months after the non-Gulf veterans who had been randomly selected from initial mailing, a letter with a replacement questionnaire was populations identified by the Department of Defense as again sent to each nonrespondent to emphasize its impor deployed or not deployed to the Gulf. A stratified random sampling method was adopted to ensure that each subgroup was adequately represented Questionnaire instruments among the 15,000 Gulf veterans and 15,000 non-Gulf veterans. The entire population of troops deployed to the A self-administered questionnaire was used to obtain Gulf area was stratified by gender (male and female), unit information from study subjects concerning exposure to component (active, reserve, and National Guard), and branch possible risk factors, potentially confounding variables, of service (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps). The proportions of these subgroups in the entire We asked a minimum number of questions on demographic population of deployed troops were 7 percent, 7 percent, and and military variables to avoid making the questionnaire any 10 percent, respectively. Basic data on demographic and mili 800,680 nondeployed troops was stratified by gender, unit tary variables were available from Defense Manpower Data component, and branch of service, and from each stratum a Center and Veterans Affairs records. Questionnaire items being involved in direct combat duty, 2) had witnessed from the National Health Interview Survey were selected to any deaths, or 3) wore chemical protective gear (other than evaluate limitation of activity, prevalence of chronic condi for training) or heard chemical alarms sounding. Consideration of the survey sampling we excluded veterans with the following self-reported clin plan and design variables (stratum and weighting variables) ical conditions from the list of veterans who otherwise met permitted inference to the population. Other analyses included contingency table analysis to problems with cognitive function, and to report that even examine differences with respect to demographic and mili minimal effort exacerbated the entire symptom complex. We used the stratified analysis of Cochran-Mantel tion distinguishes prolonged fatigue (fatigue lasting 1 Haenszel (29) to compute odds ratios and 95 percent confi month or longer) from chronic fatigue (persistent or recur dence intervals for the relation between Gulf service status ring fatigue during 6 or more consecutive months of illness). Since respondents were not directly adjusted for age, marital status, rank, and unit component. We developed a 6 2 table where the row variable, Stressor severity deployment-related stress, was ordinally scaled at six levels, ranging from minimal stress (not activated) to highest stress We derived an ordinal variable for stressor severity. We defined reservists or National Guard members the strategy for assessing association when both row and who had been deployed to a location other than the Gulf as column variables are ordinal involves assigning scores to the veterans with moderate stress. We defined reservists or levels of both variables and evaluating their correlation. We National Guard members who had been deployed to the adopted two correlation statistics. We further strati Armitage trend test looks for trends in binomial proportions Am J Epidemiol 2003;157:141148 144 Kang et al. Characteristics of all Gulf War and non-Gulf-War veterans who participated in a survey on post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome-like illness and those deployed in the Gulf who met the criteria for illness, 19901991 Non-Gulf veterans All Gulf veterans Gulf post-traumatic Gulf chronic fatigue Characteristic (n = 9,476) (n = 11,441) stress disorder syndrome (n = 1,381) (n = 640) Male gender (%) 78. Second, the contacted by telephone, over 90 percent completed the Mantel-Haenszel correlation statistic is developed by survey. Therefore, each successive group of respondents could be considered a group of nonre Survey response rates and characteristics of spondents in comparison with the preceding group of respondents veterans, because they would have remained nonrespondents After three sequential questionnaire mailings, 15,817 without the follow-up recruitment efforts. The veterans who did not respond to significant differences in the proportions of individuals all interview efforts from among the 30,000 who had been reporting positively for each of three exposure questions by identified as potential study participants numbered 9,083. Likewise, in both the Gulf and non-Gulf veteran groups, individuals who had served in enlisted ranks rather than as five categories of self-reported general health status.